Getting somewhere…

So what happened at health camp? Enough people were interested in my idea to vote for it to be discussion session.  About eight of us got together with a flipchart and started thrashing out what we would like and what the possible solutions were.

Important points:

  • site should be public and have minimal barriers eg passwords
  • content should be changeable by local service providers (if not anyone)..wikified?
  • mash-ups are good!
  • information on NHS and voluntary sector and social services
  • may be orientated to patient pathways
  • working with an existing platform is good

Choose and book provides information on NHS services but the interface is not so good. Corinne Marsolier from Cisco, thought that the localised pathways from Map of Medicine may be a good solution. Map of Medicine does have the advantage of being publicly available on the NHS Choices site, although local solutions are not available there…yet.

Today, I spoke to Joanna Dundon, who locally co-ordinates Map of Medicine (MOM) , after Corinne had shared my query with some of her colleagues. Lots of exciting things are happening with MOM including a local pathway on substance misuse which will include some of the information on voluntary sector support organisations.

But developing MOM seems quite a slow process. Maybe we need to find a way to speed up the acquisition of new information, and share what is relevant quickly. Watch this space!


1 Response to “Getting somewhere…”

  1. 1 Kate June 24, 2009 at 11:27 am

    For me, the beginning of this conversation is a powerful thing. Here at IMH we collate the information on mental health services for the whole city and beyond. We’ve done this for 8 years now. With a team of less than three full time workers who do a lot of other things besides. We feel like we’ve learnt alot.

    Since I came on board at IMH I wanted to find a way to connect in with wider systems, such as the NHS and a national information framework. I’ve noticed a shift happen just in the last three months on this. It seems we’re all starting to talk the same language!

    The underlying premise of the way I and my organisation approaches information is to design things in a way that supports the service user to make their own choice as to what works for them. Do you want to look for something within the medical model? the spirituality model? the voluntary sector? the gay, lesbian & bisexual community? Who are you? and how do you define yourself?
    Practioners and services are apt to forget that providing information is not simply ‘telling’ what there is. It’s thinking about what people want to know and how they want to know it.

    I’d also like to learn more about the major systems that have a great deal of complexity too them, such as the NHS. I’d like to pass on that learning to the end users when I understand it in a way that is relevant.

    So happy to be invited to this blog!

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